Do you want to become a Distributor?

We can offer you a great opportunity to become a Distributor and run your own business with our support and guidance please contact ComSatTV for details.

Be a ComSatTV Distributor with excellent earnings potential?

As a leading TV provider ComSatTV is looking to expand our success with Disributors WorldWide. We offer an excellent service and have hundreds of satisfied customers so CONTACT US today and lets get you started.

ComSatTV is looking for Distributors Worldwide as the opportunity of clients switching from satellite and other TV providers to our MAG platform. We can offer a great stable TV service with your favourite programs in entertainment from our state of the art servers and and full-time tech team, giving you peace of mind that your have happy satisfied paying customers.

We offer your customers (they are your recurring income customers) a fantastic selection of live TV channels over 1000 channels from around the World (from the UK, Ireland, USA,Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy etc with many in HD and UHD/4K and with 7 day catch-up). There is a Videoclub which is a VOD (Video On Demand) of over 50,000 movies, TV series and box sets, you also have access to the intenet browsing facility and Youtube.

As a Distributor we can support your new business by helping you build and drive more sales with marketing tools we can offer you, like Branding, Websites and Social Media.

With fibreoptics being installed and the coming of superfast 5G the future is amazing.

Join Us and become a successful distributor with ComSatTV

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