We provide you a FREE App to watch TV from your phone or tablet (Android/IOS) devices while on the move in Train Stations, Airports, Aircraft, Buses, Walks or just around the house etc. You just need to connect to either a FREE WiFi hotspots or from your 4G/5G data plan, it is easy and simple to use. Includes Multi Language package – All basic and premium TV channels from around the World.

You can watch 40 Basic Terrestrial channels and all Sky Movies, Films, Sky Sports, BT Sports, Video (VOD video on demand), Pay Per View (PPV Boxing, Concerts etc), 7 days TV Catch Up, Full HD Channels. All Radio Stations, Football Channels (Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester, Arsenal etc), Box Sets (Games of Thrones, Taboo, Peaky Blinders), Premium Movies and Firmware Updates.


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